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But those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles,   They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31  NKJ)

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  “The Lord heals, He heals completely and it doesn’t take years.  By His power, grace and mercy YOU can find your total healing and freedom in Christ Jesus – sometimes you just need a bit of help.  

  Kim West has a heart to see people delivered and set free and has helped hundreds do so.  She has a Master of Divinity and a PhD in Clinical Counseling but, more importantly, she is one who has personally experienced her own healing and freedom from the Lord.  She understands what you are going through AND knows how to get you through it in Christ. “

  Kim West
PhD., M. Div.
Christian Counseling
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    “You are not one in a million…you are one…one that I love with my whole heart. You do not have just a piece of it but all of it. You have all I have to give, access to all of my love and all of my joy, all of my peace, all of the resources that are at my disposal, just ASK! OH how I long to bless you. You are MINE!”

     “Know me! Come deeper into me! Pursue me as if you very life depends on it, because it does! “
     “I will pick up whatever you drop. Let it go! Let it ALL go, give it to me. It is I who does the work so give it all to me, everything you have; every burden, every resources, every concern, every doubt, everything! KNOW ME! KNOW my love for you! My love never fails.”

     “You are not one in a million…you are one…one that I love with my whole heart. You do not have just a piece of it but all of it. You have all I have to give, access to all of my love and all of my joy, all of my peace, all of the resources that are at my disposal, just ASK! OH how I long to bless you. You are MINE!”
      “Know me! Come deeper into me! Pursue me as if you very life depends on it, because it does! “ “I will pick up whatever you drop. Let it go! Let it ALL go, give it to me. It is I who does the work so give it all to me, everything you have; every burden, every resources, every concern, every doubt, everything! KNOW ME! KNOW my love for you! My love never fails.”

   “The one thing that I am working on continually is whether your heart is open to me. You cannot sustain yourself. You need to be connected to me at all times. I am your only source of life, of truth, of grace, power and love.”

    “You would be like a flower on a vine that withers when it is severed from the root source. You need to press into me even more during difficult times. Come to me for direction. Come to me for light, comfort and peace. Come to me for food and sustenance. Come to me for your very breath.”

     “All that I have is yours. I will not withhold any good thing for you are my beloved. It is for this purpose that I came down to earth, that you might be saved and have life abundantly, that you would commune with me and share my joy…forever”.

“My Love, My Beloved, The apple of my eye, COME!
Come now.
Run to me first in all things.
I am here.”

Commune with me and share my Joy

    We call this section “Letters from Daddy”, because that is exactly what they are: LOVE letters from our Heavenly Father. Some prophetic words are personal and may me used for instruction but the words we have received and post here are for encouragement, edification, and comfort ...something the Lord is ALWAYS willing to show us.  These words are for ALL of us as they shows His heart and love that He has for each and every one of us..

   “But he who prophesies speaks to men for their edification, exhortation, and consolation. He who speaks in another language edifies himself, but he who prophesies edifies the assembly.”  
(1 Corinthians 14:3-4).

     We hope to have more pages as we upload material to this unfinished site but you may see some of these throughout the site, just like the box at right, and when you to, take them into your heart and let the Lord speak to you, be encouraged and ASK HIM TO SPEAK TO YOU HIMSELF!  As you learn how to dig deeper into His manifest Presence, you will hear more and more and receive more and more, from the Throne of God yourself.

“Letters from Daddy”
           Prophetic words from the mouth of our Heavenly Father.

Lord, I receive ALL that you have for me: I receive your encouragement, I receive your Joy, I receive YOUR Love in abundant ways. I want to hear you more and more as you speak to my heart.  I want it ALL!  Bless you, Lord Jesus!

Be not afraid of what the enemy can do to the body.  Am I not more powerful than he who is in the world?  Well, if he can cause such pain and physical ailments, am I not able to do greater in healing?  Greater in everything?  More powerful I say, in ALL areas!  

    Yes!  A greater need produces greater answer, a greater miracle.  I allow the enemy to work to show My greater works.  He can do nothing apart from me knowing or giving permission.  I AM YOUR GOD   I AM LORD OVER ALL!

    So do not look at what the enemy is doing, not for a second longer than to recognize it and immediately say; “ALL IS WELL! YOU ARE LORD, JESUS, EVEN OVER THIS! TO YOUR GLORY, LORD!”

     Ask me to “COME” & “MOVE”.  Seek and keep My Rest in all things, assured that I am in total control.  Surrender all!  Surrender your wants, your needs, your situations, those around you who are not walking straight with me.  Come into alignment with Me and My Word.  I am the center of the universes so come into agreement with Me and say; “ALL IS WELL!” and watch Me work, watch me release my power into your life, into situation s and the hearts of others as I work in yours.

     My well never runs dry.  It overflows with the abundance of gifts for those who love me.  Stand where I have placed you.  I want to flow out to you.  I want to flow and work THROUGH you.  Be My hands and minister My Love and Hope to others.  Yes, I am holding you. You can stop thrashing around as one who is drowning in water. This is not over your head so put your feet firmly on My Word and stand!

    Whatever you lack; joy, peace, strength, whatever is your want, your lack thereof, ASK, and I will supply I abundance.

   I saw you from the beginning of time. I knew you and I’ve loved you since. I have a plan and I will see my glory in your life, so SURRENDER!  Surrender to me, your lover, your friend, you first love, My Beloved, I am yours, and you are mine.  I will never leave you, no, not for one second, nor will I forsake you.  All is well.

   Come into My Rest, lay your head on my chest and rest, no more sounds of confusion, no more questions. You just listen to the sounds of my heart beat, it beats for you, My Beloved, for you.

    “I am always here. I am here while you sleep, before you wake and before you even think of me, always ready to hear you…always ready to hear your cares for the day, always loving you, always making supplication for you, always interceding on your behalf with my Father.”

    “There is not one moment when we are not connected, when I do not see you, when I do not know your needs, your cares, your desires or where I am needed. I am always ready to carry you, and often DO when you do not even realize it.”
   “OH! How I LOVE to hear your heart, when your attention is turned to me and your heart is rendered up to me as it is now.”  

   “If you truly knew the depth of my love for you, you would run to me your every waking moment. No greater love is there than My love for you. OH! How I long for you to know this, to know me more than you thought possible.”

   “My Beloved, do all you can to come to me, to call upon me and to fall into My arms. I am always waiting. I am always here. You need me far more than the air that you breath. DO you understand this?”

    “Make a regular time with me and watch what I will do. COME! Come and rest. Come and be with me. I am all you need. I am your all in all. I am your Beloved, your friend, your confidant, your lover, your Lord and Savior. I am YOURS!”

    “You are loved with an everlasting glove. You did not choose me – I chose you. There is no light that shines so bright in my heart as when your eyes are upon me and your heart is opened up to me.”

     “Like a flower that turns to the sun, your heart would whither and die if taken out of the light and encased in darkness, so stay in my light. My Holy Spirit is the water you need to thrive and flourish. Drench yourself to overflowing. Your growth is dependent upon it.

Do not fear the Potter’s shears. His cut may be painful for a moment but it is to produces a growth spurt that will last a lifetime. DO not fear my Hand upon you but let me work in you to bring about a rich and beautiful harvest. “

    “You are the apple of my eye and my love for you runs OH, so DEEP! Let me place you. Let me mold you. Let me show you where I need you; to work for me and to show my love to others. DO not fear the battlefront, for where I send you, I have already placed reinforcements and you will not be alone.”

      “Allow me to temper you as steal. Allow me to run my hands over you: refining, forging; burnishing; sharpening what I have already placed in you.”

     “Remember that you are mine, so do all that you do for MY glory, and I will make your steps sure, your strikes where they need to fall to do the most good. Await for your orders from me. Listen carefully for the slightest movement of my head and move where I show you to move. Move in ME - only there will your joy be complete.”

    “Breathe in me. Move in me. Have your being in me, My beloved.”

     “I have not taken my hand from your life.  Although you do not se where I am moving, I am very active in every facet of your life. Remember that I go ahead of you – WAY AHEAD of you for I am not only working out 5 minutes from now, but 5 YEARS from now.”

    “I know how hard this season seems, to endure, but remember that you must be in ME, your very breath, your joy, your peace, your strength, your very life – to be able to “ENDURE” what I have asked you to. For this is only a season of your life.  Much HAS been already restored and much has yet to come.”

    “My heart is ALWAYS towards you, even when you tend to turn away and go your own way.  Trust in me!  I am faithful! I will not fail you.  Give me ALL your thoughts, your pleas, all your worry and strife, your doubts and your fears. You know where you need to be so pick up the helmet of salvation and the shield of faith.  I AM YOUR RESTING PLACE!  COME!”

    “For you also are at a new Beginning. Do you not feel it even now as it rises up? Do not turn from the path that I have opened up for you. I am placing a new mantle on you…one of fresh beginnings, a newness of hope. Hope deferred is now being restored. WATCH! Watch what I will do next. There is no greater love than mine, no other source of healing for you.”

     “Did I not say that I am in control of all things? I mean ALL?!! There is no part of your life that I am not immersed in, down to the deepest root! I will work ALL things out for your good but you need to TRUST me. WILL YOU DO THIS ONE SMALL THING?!”      “YES! I Say it IS SMALL. Say; ‘I trust in you Lord’! Say it. I have already gone ahead of you and if you could see what I see, then you would understand about what I ask of you. You want to know it all, have assurances aside from me and I say you will not have them. You will NEVER have them apart from Me, from my love, which is perfect and sustains all things. Now Rest, and know that I am your God”

But Lord! (I said)

“Oh, you doubt! I have not given you room for doubt. That is not from me so cast it aside as one throws off a cloak. It will blind you, blind you from attaining perfect peace with me. Throw it off right now! Come here, oh my child, come and rest in My Presence….”

    “Abide in Me ...And I will abide in you.  Knock and I will open my door to you.  NO trial is so great that should separate us from perfect harmony.  I have carried all things and my hand is on everything that I bring into your life, it only FEELS like it will devour you but nothing can separate you from my perfect love & grace.”

     “Lean on me…Lean into me.  Press into me, even when things threaten to tear your heart apart – ESPECIALLY when things seem to be so overwhelming.  Walk with me in MY power, for nothing can really touch you – not really – this world will fade away, so see it just like a movie that doesn’t really have anything to do with your life...It is not reality.”

    “You are not of this word but belong to me, so do not identify with what ever is in the world or what comes you way.”  

    “STEP OUT IN ME!  Step boldly as a princess in my Kingdom and know that at the proper time, I will give you words to say and I will bring solutions to your obvious problems.  Much of this has been in the works for a long – to bring about what I feel MUST be brought forward and to achieve what I have planned for you from the first.”      “Trust in me.  Do not fight me.  Turn from the day’s cares and lean on my every breath.”

    “You were not made by mass conception or delivery, but I held you…I breathed my breath into you, hand picked, hand held, from the very beginning, for while I breathed life into your flesh __ years ago and I knew you when I created ALL life.”

     “YOU are no accident.  I called you.  You have a destiny and a calling on your life that no one else on earth has.  You are mine!  SO live as mine, my possessions, my love, my joy, but also my hands and be my face to others.  Let me direct your moves.”  

    “YES, you have walls over your heart but they will come down as you allow me to perfect Myself in you.”

    “COME!  Come sit besides me and listen to my heart for you, my heart for your daughter and my heart for your husband.  Life is NOT hard - but easy.  You tend to make things more complicated, taking on tasks that I have not placed before you.”

    “Send your roots DEEP!  DEEP IN ME!  COME!  GROW!  Get your nourishment from me and be content in no other place.”

    “Each day that passed away without me at the helm is a wasted day, a day of gnashing of teeth and striving against all that I have for you.

OH! The riches I have stored up for you!

         OH! The JOY!”

    “If you would just lay it down, lay it at my feet and not pick it up, then it will all wash away. All your strife, all you STRIVE for…and then you could enter MY rest, MY joy. I want my JOY complete in you. ‘Taste & See that I am good” they sing. RUN! RUN to me! I will not harm you – can you trust me? I SEE you.”

And then He revealed more to me…that every hour of the day, I am back there, at MYSELF, like a thief that keeps entering but this thief steals what I’m not giving up; MYSELF.

     Take it from from the enemy & “accuser of the brethren”. - it is not his to even borrow…and yield it to the Lord, much like the “yielded ground that I gave the enemy and took back, yielding it to the Lord” (See 2 minute “Quick Cleanse) …repent for giving up control….It will be a daily fight “this will not be an easy or short battle…it is won in My PRESENCE!”

He showed me that what I really wanted rest from…was MYSELF.

    “I say onto you that I AM doing a new thing.  DO you not see it even now?  I would not hurt you or ask too much of you…and I will always supply you with the strength and courage to fulfill whatever I’ve asked of you.”

    “ OH, My Darling, I know you have doubts and you’ve experienced much pain but trust me.  There is NO PAIN when all is done THROUGH ME!  ALL – every moment of life BREATHED THROUGH ME!”

           “Do not be distracted~!  The enemy waits to snare you so you need to be on guard every moment of the day.  Judge what is from me and drop the rest as one would drop a hot potato” (HE LAUGHS!).  “You think that is funny, don’t you?  Well, have that same attitude whenever you see the enemy’s advancements for he is powerless and has already been defeated. His pathetic attempts can NEVER match the power that I have – which I share with YOU – when you abide in me!  THERE IS NOTHING THAT CAN CONQUER YOU – WHEN YOU ARE IN ME!  SEE THAT!  DO you see that?!”

           “OH, if you could see all that I have planned for you, you would NEVER turn your head away.  Reach out right now – take my hand – it is always open, always there for you.”

Yes, you WERE always looking for a sign but now you are seeing, seeing that I was always there from the very beginning, holding out my hand to you. I’ve not left you but have carried you thought your darkest periods. Come to me and I will give you shelter. You need not carry those burdens alone anymore for you were never meant to carry them.”

    “Find my rest. Find ME. Come to where the waters flow with every good thing. I have had many blessings, for you that you did not receive. Receive from me now. Come!”

I hear Him telling me to SAY:

Alberto & Kimberly Rivera

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