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Prayers for Losing a Baby:
      - Prayers for a Miscarriage, Blessing a Fetal Demise &  More
Melissa Roberts
Chaplain, Author,

 The following prayers — a prayer for a miscarriage, blessing a fetal demise, and prayer for healing after losing a baby — invite God to comfort, guide, and heal all affected by the senselessness of a fetal demise

Prayer for a Miscarriage

    Losing a baby at any stage in a pregnancy can be devastating for the new parents, family, and friends. The following prayer asks God to comfort the mother and her family in the loss of their baby:

"God who gives and takes away, please comfort [insert mom's name] and her family in the loss of their baby. Hold [insert mom's name] in Your loving arms, let her know that she is loved, and be with her and all who love her on this journey through darkness seeking light. Amen."

     Friends or family may pray this prayer for a mother after she announces the news, or the mother may pray the prayer for herself. If a mother is extremely upset, repeating the mantra, "Hold me in Your arms, God," may bring comfort. Sometimes, a religious person needs to feel God hugging them more than words.

Blessing a Fetal Demise

    Many Christian families choose to baptize their new babies as a sign of their faith. An unborn baby, too, is beloved of God, created in God's own image and likeness. The following prayer blesses a fetal demise and asks God's healing touch for those who grieve the baby's loss:

"God of power and might, You proved powerless to save [insert baby's name, if known.] You created him/her in his/her mother's womb, formed in the image and likeness of You, Indeed, [insert baby's name, if known] is Your beloved child, with whom You are well pleased, too beloved, it seems to leave here with us. Please guard him/her and comfort those who mourn his/her loss, that they may feel Your loving embrace in their sorrow, now and always. God of hope, let the light of Your love shine in this place as [insert baby's name] joins You, now and forever. Amen."

    A minister, nurse, family member, or friend might offer this or another blessing before the baby's remains are taken away. Often, those closest to the baby's parents will be greatly affected and unable to speak, so in this circumstance the caring prayer of an outsider may be necessary to grant a family peace.

Prayer for Healing after Losing a Baby

    Healing the loss of a baby takes time for those whose hearts are broken. Often an expectant mother cannot even talk about the event for days, and only then with close friends and family. The following prayer asks God to heal those affected by a lost baby and bring them together in their grief:

"God of hope and hopelessness, God of power and powerlessness, God of strength and weakness, please be with [insert new mom, dad, or others deeply affected by the loss of a baby,] as they journey without a much beloved baby. Be with them in this time of sorrow, guide them through the darkness of anger and despair, and remind them, through others around them, that You have not forsaken them, even though it may feel that way. Bless and keep all who mourn, that they may be comforted. Amen."

    This prayer may be shared by others concerned about a family who's lost a child, as well as by the family members themselves. Be careful about speaking the prayer too soon to a grieving mother who may not be ready to even talk with God about the event. If the mother hasn't asked for prayer, it may be best to pray the prayer on her behalf.

    Praying to God for comfort after losing a baby provides meaning and comfort in the midst of a tragedy that makes no sense. With intention and purpose, family and friends can surround the grieving parents with God's love through their presence, their caring, and their prayers.

Losing a

baby is an unwanted nightmare.

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Melissa Roberts
Chaplain, Author,
Check out Melissa’s book:

  Please feel free to contact Melissa if you have prayer requests, need more information or need guidance in the area of grief that you can’t find help for.Read More prayers & articles from Melissa Roberts at Suite 101

Contact Melissa

Melissa M. Roberts is a freelance writer, spiritual director, and teacher. Melissa has a BA in History from Baker University in Baldwin City, KS, graduate coursework in Medieval History from the University of Kansas, Lawrence, a Masters in Theological Study from Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, Va, and nine units Clinical Pastoral Education, interfaith ministry and relationship training, from the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education in Peachtree, Georgia.

A former hospital and hospice chaplain, Melissa now teaches meditation, world religions, history, and violin. She offers stress management workshops, facilitates spiritual retreats, and offers spiritual direction via phone, email, or in person within an hour of Parsons, Kansas U.S.A.

A former hospital and hospice chaplain, Melissa now teaches meditation, world religions, history, and violin. She offers stress management workshops, facilitates spiritual retreats, and offers spiritual direction via phone, email, or in person within an hour of Parsons, Kansas U.S.A.
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