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But those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles,   They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31  NKJ)

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  “The Lord heals, He heals completely and it doesn’t take years.  By His power, grace and mercy YOU can find your total healing and freedom in Christ Jesus – sometimes you just need a bit of help.  

  Kim West has a heart to see people delivered and set free and has helped hundreds do so.  She has a Master of Divinity and a PhD in Clinical Counseling but, more importantly, she is one who has personally experienced her own healing and freedom from the Lord.  She understands what you are going through AND knows how to get you through it in Christ. “

  Kim West
PhD., M. Div.
Christian Counseling
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Author, Teacher, Artist,, Mother & Wife

Praise Starters

    We know that praise is the doorway to the kingdom!  The Israelites would not even go into battle unless the worshippers went before them!  Praise opens heaven and is our “key” to released power and resources that the Lord has for us. PRAISE HIM, practice praise by yourself or with a friend and prayer buddy.  Offer the sacrifice of Praise and see what God will do.  He WILL reveal Himself.  The more you praise, the more you will hear Him, see Him and know Him.

The LORD is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise him, my father's God, and I will exalt him. (Exodus 15:2)

Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. (John 4:23)

 “But from there you shall seek Yahweh your God, and you shall find him, when you search after him with all your heart and with all your soul.” (Deuteronomy 4:29)

     Below are some really good “praise Starters”, “Letters to Daddy” that you may find will help release your heart to Him, loose yourself in Him and receive more than you expected or dreamed.  As you practice time spent in this way, listen for your own prayers to go up to Him and write them down. The MORE YOU DO THIS, the more HE WILL ANSWER you!  He loves to be pursued!

Come Lord Jesus

    I want to see your face Lord!  I offer up all the praise that I can muster and I honor you with all my heart.  I love you Lord, Jesus and I want to see you face to face.

    I want your presence more than anything, Lord Jesus, overtake me, Take my heart and all that I have.  Come Holy Spirit and work deep in my heart and soul, my body and my mind. I will seek you more, Lord, for I am desperate for you.  I want your presence even more than I want to continue with my day.  I want our presence more than I want anything else in my life so make this hunger in my heart a burning passion that will not let up but ruin me for anything but yo, Lord Jesus.  

    Come Lord Jesus and rush over me like a flood, overtake me and be my covering. Fill me with more of you, Lord.

You are my everything, Lord!

    I know, Lord, that you love me more than I could possibly imagine with my limited human understanding. I know that you love this time of communing with me and I want more, I want to go deeper than I ever have with you, Lord.

     I am open! I am listening, Lord and I am open to anything that you say so speak to my heart, let me hear your voice, Lord.  You are my everything, Lord and I will adore you!  I want MORE, Lord Jesus, More of your face, more of your heart and more of your love so come move in my heart, Lord Jesus

Take your place, Lord

     I am filled with wonder, awestruck wonder at the mention of your name!  HOLY ARE YOU, FATHER GOD!  You are WORTHY!  You are worthy of all my praise!  You are my everything and I give you my all!  Bless you Lord Jesus.  

    Jesus Conquerors, Jesus Saves! You are HOLY, LORD JESUS! I just want to stay where your presence lingers.  I adore you, Lord and I pour out my love on you.  Be my everything.  Make yourself bigger in my heart, in my life as I make myself smaller and surrender my all to you.  

    Your ways are above mine and I so crave your face, your voice, your very presence! Come Lord Jesus and take our place in my life.

I empty myself into your hands.

    Jesus, I am poured out like a potsherd and my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth!  I ache!  I need more of you, Lord Jesus!  Pour your love into me to the point of overflowing! I empty myself out into your hands.

    Carry me, lift me above my trouble and cares as I surrender them to you now.  I don't want to carry them anymore.  I know that if I carry such burdens, then I am carrying more than you have ever lid on me as we are to be evenly yoked so I surrender it all at your feet.

     My strength is dried up like a potsherd. My tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth. You have brought me into the dust of death. (Psalm 22:15)


I pour myself out

    Thank you, Lord, that I can run to you at any time!  Thank you for saying that I can come boldly before your throne.  I pour out myself, all of myself, pour in more of you, Lord!  Holy Spirit come and do for me what I cannot do for myself for my strength is gone.  

    I pour myself out so that I may be filled more and more by you, OF your glory and power, so fill me to overflowing.  MORE LORD, more than I can hold Lord Jesus!  Let it keep coming so that I t may pour out to others as I step out in Lord.  USE me Lord.  I empty myself out before you!  You are Holy, Lord Jesus!  Your Love is intoxicating and      I love you, Lord and give you all the honor and praise!

Let us therefore draw near with boldness to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy, and may find grace for help in time of need.

I love your heart, Lord

    I love your heart, Lord, I love your ways!  I love your wisdom! I love your heart for me, for your people, and I love your love as your love is perfect, Lord Jesus.  I want to walk in your love for mine is imperfect and with agenda, with flaws, so fill me with more of you Lord, Your joy and not my own, your wisdom and not my own, your grace and mercy Lord for I need it greatly .

    Pour out more Lord!  I receive you!  Be my  all in all, my everything.  You are always good and your ways are higher than mine!  Your Love endures forever and I want more of YOU, Lord Jesus, all of you, Lord and I will give you all the honor and all the praise due to you and I hope; even more.

Make me a prayer warrior

    Make me a prayer warrior, Lord, make me crazy for you, make me ready to stand for all you are and all you do, for all your word says, ready to stand out in any circle, in any circumstances, to stand on your truths, to stand on your love for me and for those around me!

     Give me your voice, Lord.  Use me Lord and make me strong in and through you, Lord.  Line up my heart with all of your truths and pour into me what I need to move forward for you.  Equip me Lord!  You are my God and I am your servant!  

    Send me!  Equip me!  Keep me holding fast to your cross, your mercy and the blood that you poured out for me.  Keep reminding me how powerful that blood is! . Let me claim that blood over every aspect of my life for it is more powerful than anything the world has to offer.  I thank you for your sacrifice and all that you have done for me!  I long to be where you are Lord!  I am yours!

I want MORE, LORD!

     I want so much more, Lord!  More of you and more of your presence!  More of your glory and more of your love!  I want to see your face, Lord so let the flame of your heart fan the flames of my heart, Lord.  Set your purpose deep there, Lord!  I want to be ruined for anything else but your Lord!

     Worthy are you Lord!  You are holy!  I give you all the honor and praise! You are my everything and I will adore you!  Take your holy place over my life, lord, take your place of honor over my body, over my heart, over my hob and my schedule, over my home and my relationships, Lord!  To you I surrender all!

     I am filled with awestruck wonder at the mention of your name, Jesus, the sweetest name I know, Jesus, your name is power, JESUS, your name is peace and comfort to my heart and soul, Jesus!  Your name is living water and you are HOLY !      You are my everything and I will forever honor and adore you!

Be my everything, Lord Jesus!  Come deeper into my heart!  MORE LORD! Take over! I AM YOURS!  I ADORE YOU!

You are my Rock!

   You are My Rock and my Salvation, my firm foundation. I will stand on your promises and all of the words you have spoken. I choose to stand and I lay down my fears and my doubts.  I will follow you wherever you lead so send me, use me, mold me and create in me a pure heart.  You are my strength and my shield and no harm can come to those you love.  I claim your power in all places of my heart and in my life.  

I am yours, Lord Jesus.  Come.

Keep it going, loose yourself in adoration of Him...

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