Father God, I give you all praise & honor. I yield my life up to you and repent of all sin.
       I renounce the temptation to be self-focused in [pride/ bitterness] towards ___ _______through my [rejection of/anger] at of him/her. I choose instead to forgive  _____________ for ____(action)______ causing me to feel ____________(feelings).

      I am willing to pay the emotional pain and consequences that _______(who) has caused me and I ask you Lord Jesus to take back and ground I gave the enemy through my [bitterness / unforgiveness,/harsh feelings] and I yield that ground back to your control.  

     In Jesus Name I ask these things and  I receive  and thank you for your grace & forgiveness. Amen.

2 Minute “Quick Cleanse” 2 Minute “Fear Buster”

      Father God,  you said that you have not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and of sound mind, and so I pray against the spirit of fear, and I plead the blood of Jesus over : ________ (specific situation). I rebuke the tactics of the enemy  and receive your peace, YOUR joy, YOUR wisdom and grace onto me.

       I declare that i will not be afraid nor discouraged, for I trust you, Lord Jesus, to work out all things according to your good and perfect will for me and my family.  

     Lord Jesus, I know that you will not leave me or forsake me a  and I receive all you have for me. Thank you, Father God, and I will give you all the honor, praise and glory as I ask these things in name and blood of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Print this sheet and cut out the cards, folding over if you would like to use both The Fear Buster and The 2 Minute Cleanse together.   Make the process your own and share with others you feel may be blessed by them.

May they bless you and bring you healing & restoration in the Lord.